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Gaming Event

The gaming event of champions!

Are you the ultimate gamer?

Prove it...

We offer TWO packages:

a Deluxe & Ultimate

gaming package.

Deluxe Package

(Yes, the screens are really that thin!)

Includes four 

12' screens and our giant

21' to 32' high definition screen.


Popular games on consoles like the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch,  and retro games!

Ultimate Package

(Yeah...we know, it's awesome!)

Includes eight of our 12 ft high definition screens, as well as the giant 26ft HD screen.


Consoles like the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch,  and even retro games like the NES!

On our Premiere Jumbo Screen:

Our virtual dance party, which includes YOU as the DJ via smartphone during the event.


In tournament settings, the finals will be played in front of the entire crowd!

Tournament Package

Champions are made from this package!

Compete with colleagues or across an entire campus with our tournament package. Choose from any console game and battle in amazement through our high definition 12 ft screen. Streaming is included on our HD jumbo 32ft screen for spectators' entertainment.

* Travel fees vary based on proximity.

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